Sunday, September 18, 2011

Northern Illinois Exhibit

Here is a composite photo of some of my show on now at Northern Illinois University Art Museum.  It will be up for several weeks.
Click here for SRAM to see the art that will be auctioned for World Bicycle Relief this fall   

SRAM art

I'm happy to be part of a cause to raise money to help those in need with vital transportation.
Bike Bot Has a Heart is the sculpture I made with SRAM parts to be auctioned off this fall.

Partners, 2011, Mixed Media

Recent Activity

I hope this message finds you well.  i am interested to buy some of your creative works.  I am in process of moving to London where my husband is head of IT.   I will have my shippers contact you as they are handling all my decors.

If you received a message similar to this, it may probably be a scam.  Fortunately I became wary and did some research that led me to information about the scam.  Artists are among many that are targeted.  In my case, I stopped communicating with this person but they sent a "cashier's check" anyway that was far more than the asking price of the art work.  Typically they would expect a more gullible person to send the balance back.  Now the artist would be out the work, the shipping costs, and money.

On a more positive side, please check out my art show at Northern Illinois University Art Museum through November, 2011.  I am pleased with the professional space and installation.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Perimeter Gallery

Sold SOFA Chicago 2009

Currently I am also affiliated with Perimeter Gallery Chicago as I pursue directions of my work other than the work I will be showing at Carl Hammer Gallery.

Carl Hammer Gallery

Here's a piece entitled "Zero"

I have recently joined the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, here's Carl with one of my hand fabricated aluminum robot sculptures "Zero".